Genuine Mexican Handwoven Tortillero with added Insulation, Fiesta Mexican Tortilla Warmer, Tortilla Holder, Tortilla Keeper,Tortilleros Mexicanos Para Fiesta




Unique Handwoven Tortilla Warmers. Perfect for Tortillas, Flat Bread, Pita, Bread, Naan, Arepas, Pancakes and more! Beautifully Handmade Designed. Perfect for daily use and gives a beautiful touch to your kitchen or party.
  • 🖐️ These Authentic Mexican Tortilla Baskets are Handmade in Mexico by artisans in the South Region of Mexico. There are made out of Palm Straw, and have added insulation to keep your tortillas warmer for longer
  • 📏 Approximate Size:8 Inches in Diameter and 5 Inches Tall
  • 🍞 The Tortilla Baskets Feature an Elegant Touch to any type of home decoration and at the same time it keeps the traditional colors.
  • 🎨 Ships in assorted unique colors. Every basket has a different set of colors which represent the uniqueness of the basket and sets it apart from the rest. A piece of Art!
  • 🌮 Tortilla Bowls, may serve for multiple purposes. Perfect for keeping Tortillas fresh and warm , Flat Bread, Pita, Bread, Naan, Arepas, Pancakes and more! Accommodates to all Sizes of Tortillas & Flat Breads.

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