4 Games in 1 Box , Memoria, Naipes Gacela Loteria Tradicional Mexicana, Palillos Chinos, Includes 3 Jumping Toys (4 Games in 1 Box)




The game of Lotería is played similarly to American Bingo. In American Bingo, an announcer calls out the selected letters and numbers, such as “B-4″ and the players mark their game boards accordingly. In Lotería, the announcer gives short poem or familiar phrase (often improvised) referring to the image on the card (e.g. “me lo das o me lo quitas” for the image of El Melon, “Verde blanco y colorado” for the image of La Bandera, “Camaron que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente” for the image of El Camaron). Each player uses a chip -often a bean-to mark the corresponding spot on his or her tabla. In either game, the first player to fill the game board or tabla in a predefined pattern will shout “Lotería!” to win the game and receive a prize. The audacity of the announcer gives the opportunity to appreciate its cleverness and style as to how he may approach the announcing. That style depends on the social context of where the game is being played. He may use “white” humor at a bazaar or a church and if he is in an adult setting he may play with more suggestive and irreverent. Since the origin of the game, satire and references to contemporary events and politics are part of the world play involved.
  • 🎲 4 Games in 1 Box! Memoria, Naipes Gacela Loteria Tradicional Mexicana, Palillos Chinos, Includes 3 Jumping Toys
  • 🃏 Includes the Original 54 cards in the game! The originals "La Rana"🐸 , "La Bandera"⛳ , " El Gallo"🐓 are in the deck
  • 🎈 Ideal for large parties and reunions.🎉This box includes 4 traditional games from Mexico. Take a trip back to your Childhood!
  • 🎲 Genuine Made in Mexico. Cards and Tablets are made out of ♻️ Recycled Cardboard
  • 📏Portable box for convenience and storage.

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